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Lib Dems working to solve concerns over crematorium tributes

November 4, 2008 11:46 AM

Cambridge Liberal Democrats are listening to residents and visitors to the city's crematorium to determine whether any changes should be made to the laying of commemorative tributes.

The city council launched a survey in the summer asking people for their views after some visitors expressed concern over the amount and type of mementoes in the crematorium.

Some visitors were worried about the sheer numbers of tributes in the grounds and complained that some, such as flags, were inappropriate.

They were also concerned that some unauthorised planting had taken place in the formal rose beds.

Cambridge City Council is keen to ensure that bereaved families can commemorate their loved ones and is working to find a sensitive solution which will be acceptable to as many visitors to the Huntingdon Road crematorium as possible.

The issue will be discussed by Cambridge City Council's community services committee on Thursday, November 13 when councillors will consider whether to approve the enforcement of the crematorium rules and whether signs should be displayed throughout the memorial gardens giving people guidance on those rules.

They will also consider endorsing the prevention of planting or placing mementos in formal rose bed areas, whilst approving designated areas for tributes.

Executive councillor for community development and health, Sheila Stuart, said: "We are listening to see what people think and we will examine any changes that need to be made.

"It is vital that bereaved families feel that they can come to the crematorium and commemorate and remember their loved ones and we are working to find a solution that is acceptable to as many people as possible."