MP supports campaign to raise awareness of the silent killer

November 5, 2008 5:28 PM

CO Awareness LogoCambridge MP David Howarth is supporting Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week which will be launched at the House of Lords on November 17.

The event, being staged for the third year running, aims to raise awareness of this silent and difficult to detect killer which claimed 21 lives between April 2007 and March 2008.

During this period there were 63 reported incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning, caused by faulty gas appliances, which also led to 125 serious injuries.

Mr Howarth said: "I would urge people in Cambridge to take every precaution to protect their families. Please take the time to make sure that all domestic appliances are properly maintained and serviced and fit Carbon Monoxide alarms to your homes.

"Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week is bringing the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning to the public's attention and it is vital that everyone heeds the message and takes action to protect themselves. This is a hidden danger with no taste, odour or colour."

Recent announcements by the Health and Safety Executive have urged councils and landlords across the UK to have gas appliances regularly checked in rental properties.

The president and founder of the Co-Awareness Campaign, Lynn Griffiths, whose who family was affected by carbon monoxide poisoning, is due to launch CO-Awareness Week at the House of Lords.

She said: "Carbon monoxide is like a time bomb waiting to explode. Our doctors know very little about it. The condition of carbon monoxide poison is very often misdiagnosed as a virus, high blood pressure or depression.

"It should not take a tragedy to alert the British public to its dangers. Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week therefore seeks to address these issues. We must no long stay silent about this silent killer."

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