Lib Dems celebrate Tesco defeat

November 13, 2008 9:58 AM

Cambridge Liberal Democrats are celebrating after two planning applications relating to Tesco's bid to open a new store in the city's Mill Road were thrown out on appeal.

Romsey County Councillor, Kilian Bourke, who had voiced his objections to the project during the appeal hearing, said it was a "rare victory for local democracy".

He said: "Tesco was never suited to Mill Road and the local community knew this. The campaigners and council representatives made a strong case and the inspector's decision confirms this.

"This is a rare victory for local democracy. It serves as a lesson to all those who believe planning officers should have the final say."

Cambridge City Council leader, Cllr Ian Nimmo-Smith said: "Tesco is trying to shoe-horn its store, serviced by large lorries, into small terrace streets with all the traffic problems that would entailed. The inspector picked up on these safety issues and rightly rejected this plan as inappropriate.

"Campaigners will work to ensure that the issues that led the planning Inspector to this conclusion will be taken on board in determining any further appeals relating to Tesco's plans for this site.

"Now it is up to the local community, supported by their Lib Dem council, to strengthen the vitality of Mill Road and its ability to thrive.

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