Lib Dems act to stop national ID cards

November 28, 2008 10:00 AM

Mike PittCambridge Liberal Democrats are vehemently opposed to a national ID card scheme and fear that the introduction of cards for foreigners could impact on the city's universities.

They will make their opposition clear at a full council meeting on December 4 and call for support from all members.

The move comes as the Government starts rolling out the first ID cards for non EU nationals including students.

King's Hedges councillor Mike Pitt will put forward a motion welcoming Cambridgeshire County Council's opposition to the national ID card scheme but regretting its decision not to affiliate to the NO2ID campaign.

He said: "The Government has made its first move to introduce this scheme by issuing ID cards to foreign students, which will affect those coming to study in Cambridge.

"This scheme is flawed and I am anxious to make sure that we keep fighting it and encourage others to do the same."

His motion also raises concerns about:

• the decision to make national ID cards compulsory for air-side workers at airports which will add no extra security.

• the decision to potentially fine people £1,000 for not telling the government about changing their name after marriage.

• The implementation and extension of the universal child database.

Cambridge MP David Howarth, a firm opponent of the national ID card scheme, said of the introduction of cards for foreigners: "I am worried about the effect of this move on the economy of Cambridge, which relies on a stream of highly qualified scientists, engineers and academics from all over the world.

"Treating highly qualified people as potential criminals rather than as welcome guests is not going to put us at the top of their list of places to go to use their talents."

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