Howarth calls for Parliament to reconvene over Gaza crisis

January 8, 2009 11:27 AM

David HowarthOutraged Cambridge MP David Howarth has called for Parliament to reconvene early from its Christmas recess to address the growing crisis in Gaza.

Shadow Justice Minister, Mr Howarth claims Parliament should hold the British government to account for its feeble responses to the escalating violence and loss of innocent lives.

"This government should be ashamed of itself," he said. "They have failed to act when there is much they could have done to ease the plight of innocent victims caught up in this worsening violence."

He backed Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg who demanded an arms' embargo and accused Gordon Brown of "sitting on his hands".

Mr Howarth said: "Nick Clegg is absolutely right, the Government must take action now to stop Britain's arms' exports to Israel and urge the European community to do the same. Parliament should be recalled to address this whole situation as a matter of urgency."

His call for action came during a public meeting in the city organised by Cambridge Stop the War Coalition and Cambridge Palestine Solidarity Campaign attended by over 100 people.

On Saturday Mr Howarth joined a demonstration in Cambridge city centre to show his solidarity to the Palestinians and has written on three occasions to the Foreign Secretary in support of Palestinian issues.

"I will do all that I can in support of ending the carnage in Gaza," he said. "Any person with an ounce of humanity will be outraged at the situation, which appears to be worsening in spite of international pressure for the violence to stop."

Mr Howarth also called on US President-elect Barack Obama to take action to end the violence.

He added:" I very much regret that Obama has kept silent about the Gaza crisis. He has the power to end this very quickly simply by announcing the withdrawal of US support for Israel's action."

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