Howarth "buys" land to block Heathrow Airport expansion

January 19, 2009 2:00 PM

David HowarthCambridge MP David Howarth has "bought" land in the path of Heathrow Airport's third runway in a bid to block the government's controversial expansion plan.

He will be named, along with more than a dozen other Liberal Democrat MPs as an owner on the legal deed of trust covering a field which has been earmarked for the construction of the third runway.

They join Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson and impressionist, Alistair McGowan in the fight to stop the project getting off the ground. They and Greenpeace bought the field next to the airport and plan to divide it up to be owned by supporters around the world.

"How can the government be taken seriously on its commitment to reversing climate change when it has given this project the go-ahead?" said Mr Howarth. "It has clearly shown that, when it comes to green issues this government has no credentials and cannot be trusted.

"Air travel is the fastest growing contributor of carbon emissions while every other industry is cutting back. Here we have a plan which will not only seriously increase carbon emissions, but also destroy homes and significantly affect the quality of life for people living near this airport.

"This project must not be allowed to go-ahead and by signing up for this land, I hope that I can slow down the process."

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