Lib Dems work to cut fuel bills and save lives

February 12, 2009 10:03 AM
Mike Pitt

Cllr Mike Pitt

A package of measures designed to cut fuel bills and save lives is being rolled out in council homes across Cambridge city.

The work, agreed by Cambridge Liberal Democrats, will include loft and cavity wall insulation for 250 homes this financial year at a cost of £50,000.

New gas boilers will be installed in 397 homes and a further 10 homes will be fitted with special dry lining material to internal walls to retain heat and conserve energy.

At the same time, Cambridge Lib Dems are encouraging residents in the city's Arbury triangle to cut heating bills and save energy under the Comfort Zone scheme.

Homes encompassed by Castle Road, Victoria Road and Chesterton Road have been chosen for the scheme which offers tailored energy efficiency information and advice.

The scheme will be launched today (Thursday) at St Luke's Church Centre between 3pm and 7pm where residents will be given the chance to discuss their energy efficiency issues with officers.

Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Housing, Catherine Smart, said: All kinds of homes in the city need energy efficiency improvements. No-one should be spending good money to heat the sky - both for the sake of themselves and their own pocket and for the sake of the planet.

"It is also vital that we make our council homes as warm and comfortable as possible. This will, not only help to cut tenants' fuel bills, but may also go some way to preventing unnecessary winter deaths among our elderly. Anything we can do to help cut these figures is essential.

"We would also encourage residents to seek advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. There has never been a better time to take action which could make a big difference to the household budget."

King's Hedges Councillor, Mike Pitt, Chair of the Housing Management Board, said: "It is vital that we bring our council housing up to the best energy efficiency standard we can achieve.

"I am proud that Cambridge works to such high standards of energy efficiency. This works makes a real difference to residents' quality of life, leaving their homes warmer and helping them to save money on their bills."

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