Guided Bus "experts" duck tough questioning

February 16, 2009 1:14 PM
Clare Blair

Cllr Clare Blair

Guided Bus "experts", who faced tough questioning from Cambridge residents over the project, have come under fire for ducking a public meeting.

County Council Cabinet Member for Transport, Tory Matt Bradney and a leading officer have turned down the opportunity to answer questions at the city's North Area Committee on March 19.

Residents were expected to challenge them on a decision not to allow the bus to stop on Histon Road and Milton Road so that "it can provide a fast reliable service with only limited stops" for passengers living along the A14 corridor.

But committee members have been told that, as the two will not be present, there will be no-one with an in-depth knowledge of the project to respond to questions. The only alternative is to take away residents' concerns and report back, they have been told.

"This is outrageous," said East Chesterton Councillor, Clare Blair, who sits on the committee. "Residents want to know why the Guided Bus won't stop in Milton Road and Histon Road and the two people with the answers have decided not to attend.

"People have put up with all the disruption from a project which will not bring them any benefits."

West Chesterton County Councillor, Kevin Wilkins, said: "I am absolutely furious. This was an opportunity for the residents to hear first hand why this decision was taken.

"Clearly those behind the Guided Bus project have no justification for their decision and don't have the answers for the people of Cambridge."

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