Mill Road action plan to be unveiled

March 3, 2009 10:22 AM
Nichola Harrison

Petersfield county councillor Nichola Harrison

The first stage of an innovative action plan for Cambridge's Mill Road, drawn up after extensive consultation with residents and businesses, is to be unveiled on Thursday (March 5).

The Mill Road Future community plan aims to make the area a stronger community and a better place for residents, businesses and visitors.

It will include the creation of the country's first Independent Business Zone to enhance and protect the street's unique character.

The action plan will suggest ideas from other UK and European cities on how to make the shopping area more attractive and improve the street environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

Plans to reduce the road's speed limit from 30mph to 20mph and launch a Neighbourhood Speedwatch operated by volunteers and backed by police enforcement are also included.

The community plan will be discussed at a meeting, chaired by Mr Howarth and attended by Romsey and Petersfield Lib Dem councillors, at the Salvation Community Centre Hall in Mill Road.

Petersfield county councillor, Nichola Harrison said: "We have listened carefully to the views of residents and traders and put together ideas for a plan to protect the unique and diverse character of Mill Road based on what they have told us.

"This is an exciting opportunity to build on the things that make Mill Road special."

Romsey county councillor, Kilian Bourke, said: "The meeting is an excellent opportunity for everyone who cares about Mill Road to come and discuss ideas to safeguard its future.

"The Mill Road Future plan is designed to bring people together to achieve the best for the area and complement work already being carried out."

Romsey councillor Catherine Smart added: "Many of the ideas included in the plan are not new but we want to bring ideas and people together so that we can find ways to get financial support.

"It is essential that local people get involved to ensure the success of the plan and we have been encouraged by their interest and input so far."

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