Swimming business hit by "dithering" county council

March 20, 2009 11:42 AM
Rupert Moss-Eccardt

Arbury county councillor Rupert Moss-Eccardt

A private swimming school, run as a small business, has suffered severely after the county council dragged its feet over repairs to a Cambridge school pool.

Seals Swimming had booked 500 children for lessons in September at the Grove Primary School. But in July it was decided that the pool should be refurbished and it was closed without consultation.

In October, however, a further problem was discovered with the pool and work stopped.

After four months of inactivity by Cambridgeshire County Council, Lib Dem Arbury county councillor Rupert Moss-Eccardt got involved.

He pushed for a resolution and now the refurbished pool is due to re-open for the start of the summer term.

Cllr Moss-Eccardt said: "This was a ridiculous situation. The county council dithered over what to do with this swimming pool while this business was clearly suffering.

"This was a situation which needed clear direction and yet there was none coming from the county council. I am pleased that, at last, the problem has been resolved and I wish Seals Swimming every success for the future."

Ken Carstairs, who runs Seals Swimming said: "The pool only needed two weeks worth of work to repair - but it took the county council four months to make the decision to do it''

"The school has always been marvellous, keeping us informed as much as they could, but it has been a complete nightmare. The children, staff, school and business have suffered. We expect, however, to be back shortly."

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