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Campaign launched to fight major new superstore

March 20, 2009 1:33 PM
Belinda Brooks-Gordon

Dr Belinda Brooks-Gordon campaigning against the new supermarket

Cambridge resident, Dr Belinda Brooks-Gordon is leading a campaign against a giant supermarket which she fears could bring traffic chaos to the area.

The store, which could be up to 5,000 square metres in size, has been revealed by the University for its North-West Cambridge site.

Dr Brooks-Gordon, from Canterbury Street has joined Castle Liberal Democrats to fight the plans and is urging residents to back her campaign.

She said: "This project has the potential to create a store larger than any other in the city. We already have three large Tesco, an Asda, and a Sainsbury's a short car or bus ride away; we simply don't need another large supermarket.

"It would bring with it giant delivery lorries travelling through our streets. It could also attract hundreds of shoppers from the north and west of Cambridge who could converge on this area. The extra traffic it could generate would be disastrous."

"It is imperative that we act now to stop these plans getting the go-ahead. I would urge everyone to get behind this campaign."

Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Climate Change and Growth, Sian Reid said: "I am extremely worried about this project. It has the potential to destroy the quality of life for people living near this site.

"The extra traffic, including heavy lorries it would generate, would seriously increase the level of carbon emissions in a highly populated area of the city. This development is being proposed for purely commercial gain, not to fill a need, and could only serve to harm the local shops."