Posties told "Get off your bikes" is ludicrous say Lib Dems

March 23, 2009 10:31 AM
Cllr Sian Reid

Cllr Sian Reid

Royal Mail plans which could see posties swapping their bikes for vans to save cash has been condemned as "ludicrous" by Cambridge Liberal Democrats.

They claim the decision can only add to the city's traffic congestion and increase carbon emissions.

Cambridge MP David Howarth said: "This is madness. Cambridge is clogged with traffic and here we have Royal Mail wanting to add to the problem. It should be leading by example.

"We are trying to encourage people out of their cars onto alternative forms of transport to free up the city streets and cut carbon emissions. Now we are going to have Royal Mail vans joining the queues of traffic. I can't see how this can make the service more efficient."

Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Climate Change and Growth Sian Reid said: "This is absolutely ludicrous. How can Royal Mail justify delivering mail by van instead of bike when traffic is often at a standstill in Cambridge?

"The last thing we need is more traffic adding to the problem and pushing up the carbon emission levels. Royal Mail needs to seriously

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