Lights go out at MP's home to mark Earth Hour

March 27, 2009 10:47 AM

David Howarth and bannerThe lights will go off for an hour at Cambridge MP David Howarth's home on Saturday (March 28) as he joins a worldwide campaign to mark Earth Hour.

Organised by the WWF charity, the great switch off is being supported by people from around 80 countries and 1,180 cities to show the world's leaders that action is needed to tackle climate change.

The charity wants one billion people to sign up and join in and the event will kick start its Global Deal campaign to convince governments to agree effective action on climate change.

Mr Howarth was instrumental in drawing up the world's first climate change law which sets legal targets for cutting greenhouse emissions.

He said: "Earth Hour is an excellent way for everyone to play their part in getting across the message that we need to take action globally to save energy.

"Despite making a commitment to tackling climate change through the climate change law, the Labour Government is still prepared to give the go-ahead for new coal fired power stations and airport expansion.

"We need decisive action on the part of our government and governments across the world if we are to effectively tackle climate change."

The switch off takes place at 8.30pm and is being supported in Cambridge by The Leys school, Holme Court School and the Cambridge International School among others.

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