Residents ignored as trees are chopped down

April 1, 2009 2:49 PM
Anne Kent

Cllr Anne Kent

County council officials have ignored residents and councillors and pushed ahead to fell trees in Trumpington to make way for the Guided Bus.

They have chopped down trees which were up to 20 feet tall, many that had become home for nesting birds.

Trumpington county councillor, Anne Kent, is furious that work in the area along the old railway cutting between Shelford Road and Hauxton Road has been carried out without consultation. Workmen moved in on Monday and cleared half of the north bank.

She said: "We have been promised over and over again that there would be no clearance before they had consulted the residents along the cutting and sought advice from the Tree Officer.

"Residents and councillors meet regularly at a Guided Bus Liaison Forum which I chair. We last met only four weeks ago and no warning was given.

"The cutting is a green wildlife corridor with shrubs and trees lining its banks and it provides important cover for the gardens along the route."

After complaints were made to the Tory-controlled Cambridgeshire County Council the work was halted so that councillors and residents can meet the contractor next week to walk through the area.

But, there are fears that the felling could start again as the contractor is keen to press ahead to meet deadlines.

Cllr Kent added: "The devastation is far greater and involves far more of the bank than our worst fears. We have managed to stop the work but you can't put back the trees that we have lost."

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