Howarth: G20 policing must not be heavy-handed or provocative

April 1, 2009 4:23 PM

David HowarthA delegation of Liberal Democrat MPs, organised by Cambridge MP David Howarth were on the ground in the City of London today to observe and monitor the policing of the G20 protests.

It was hoped that their presence would help to defuse any escalation in tensions between police and protesters, as well as providing credible witnesses to any abuse of police powers.

Commenting, Mr Howarth Liberal Democrat Shadow Justice Secretary said: "We do not want to see a repeat of the policing of last year's camp at Kingsnorth, which was disproportionate, heavy-handed and provocative.

"I was encouraged to hear the Metropolitan police talking seriously about proportionality when I met them today.

"I very much hope that the rights of the protesters to make their important point peacefully will be fully respected."

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