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Schoolchildren host climate change summit with MP

April 6, 2009 10:27 AM
Howarth's Mayfield School visit

David Howarth joins Tom Bramwell (centre right) and classmates for their climate change summit.

Cambridge schoolboy, Tom Bramwell and his classmates have held their own climate change summit with MP David Howarth.

Mr Howarth visited the youngsters at Mayfield Primary School in Warwick Road after Tom, 10, wrote to him to share energy saving ideas.

Tom suggested encouraging shopkeepers to save energy by switching off lights and removing posters from front windows to allow natural light to flood in.

He also came up with the idea for a junior website where youngsters could campaign on green issues and "learn about the world".

Mr Howarth was so impressed with Tom's ideas he decided to meet him and his school friends to learn more.

He discovered how they had completed a project on eco towns, looking at Hanley Grange and taking on the roles of MPs and councillors to debate the issue.

During Mr Howarth's visit, the youngsters shared their views on global warming and suggested ideas on energy saving and educating the public to take climate change seriously.

Mr Howarth said: "The children came up with some excellent suggestions. They have clearly put in a great deal of work on the subject and understood the issues.

"Their work on eco towns was very impressive and I was encouraged to hear that the children understood the arguments in favour and against these developments."