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County council ignores pleas for action to save lives

April 11, 2009 3:14 PM
Mike Pitt

Cllr Mike Pitt

Worried councillors and campaigners fear someone will be killed in Cambridge's King's Hedges area unless the county council changes its priorities to include the safety of city residents.

They are furious because they claim Cambridgeshire County Council has refused ideas for cutting drivers' speed on King's Hedges Road. Speeding drivers are also putting lives at risk in the Northfield Avenue area.

Now they have spoken out again after yet another accident on King's Hedges Road last night (Thursday) which they claim, once again supports their fight for traffic calming measures.

King's Hedges Councillor Mike Pitt said: "All the ideas I have put forward to try to cut speed and save lives on this road have been turned down by the county council.

"It is only a matter of time before someone dies on this dangerous stretch of road and yet the county council seems oblivious to that fact. Its priorities have been set up to exclude Cambridge city residents and their concerns for safety."

Cllr Pitt has suggested better signage, temporary or fixed speed cameras, painting the 30mph limit on the road and even moving the 30mph sign at the Histon Road end to make it more visible.

Campaigner, Andy Pellew has also been fighting for traffic calming measures in the area. He wants to see action taken in Northfield Avenue especially on the stretch between King's Hedges Primary School, The Red Hen House and The Ship.

He said: "There have been accidents on this road and traffic regularly speeds along this stretch. I believe it is only a matter of time before there is another serious accident.

"The county council must start listening to the people of Cambridge and realise that speeding traffic in this area is a real threat."