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New protocol aims to settle tree felling concerns

April 20, 2009 10:26 AM
Alan Baker

Cllr Alan Baker

Cambridge Liberal Democrats have responded to residents' concerns about tree felling in the city by putting forward a new council protocol.

The move aims to ensure that future decisions about tree felling will be fully publicised and decisions on sensitive proposals will be made by councillors in public meetings rather than under officers' delegate powers.

Cambridge City Councillors Sian Reid and Alan Baker will call on all councillors to support the move at their full council meeting on April 23.

If agreed, the new protocol for tree works will be presented to the council's community services committee for endorsement on June 25.

Cllr Reid, Executive Councillor for Change and Growth, said: "We want to make sure that, in future, residents are fully aware of plans to fell any trees in the city and have the opportunity to make their views known before any work begins.

"There have been understandable concerns recently about tree felling and we hope this new protocol will address this issue and reassure residents.

"We have no reason to doubt officer judgement in making these decisions."

The city council will also request that the protocol is agreed by Cambridgeshire County Council in relation to trees on public roads.

There will be enhanced public consultation procedures in relation to tree work on private land and sensitive proposals will be discussed by councillors during committee meetings.

Procedures for all tree works will be published on the city council website and in a leaflet and seminars will be offered to concerned parties.

City council planning committee chair, Cllr Alan Baker said: "We have listened to residents' concerns and hope this new protocol will ensure that, in future, all tree works will be fully publicised."