Lib Dems call for "broader" inquiry into Folk Festival

April 21, 2009 10:54 AM
Tim Ward

Cllr Tim Ward

Cambridge Liberal Democrats are calling for a member-led Committee of Inquiry to be set up to investigate the broader implications of the 2008 Folk Festival.

The committee would look at issues raised in the 2008 Folk Festival independent review which could have a wider effect on the city council.

Cambridge City Councillor Tim Ward, a member of the Civic Affairs Committee, said: "We want to tighten up on procedures so that the problems we experienced with the Folk Festival last year can never be repeated.

"We need to make sure that officers are clear on their roles and responsibilities and that members understand at which points they should get involved."

The plan will be discussed at a special meeting of the city council's Community Services Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday, April 22.

If the Committee of Inquiry is given the go-ahead, officers will be asked to report to the next meeting on terms of reference, membership, timing and timescales.

Cllr Clare Blair, Chair of the Community Services Scrutiny Committee, said: "A Committee of Inquiry could look at the wider implications for the council to see where practices and procedures generally need to be tightened or changed. We want to make sure we have done everything possible to put the necessary safeguards in place."

In addition, Community Services Scrutiny Committee members will discuss an Action Plan relating to on-line ticketing and plans for the 2009 Folk Festival as well as project management, practices and procurement within the council's arts and entertainments department.

Cambridge City Council leader, Cllr Ian Nimmo-Smith said: "This is an opportunity to look at the council's practices and procedures to see how and where they can be improved."

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