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Environmental campaigners congratulate MP

April 21, 2009 11:17 AM

SEP logoThe Sustainable Energy Partnership (SEP) today congratulated Cambridge MP David Howarth for signing a Commons' motion recognising the need to use green energy to protect the environment and slow down climate change.

The cross party motion supports the Private Members Bill introduced by Peter Ainsworth MP which aims to get rid of some of the disincentives and blockages to local, green energy production.

The Bill

• Requires the existing microgeneration strategy to be updated and to focus on existing housing stock and include a fiscal strategy for developing microgeneration and energy efficiency

• Requires the new renewable energy tariff (which helps householders and small businesses to obtain payment for surplus energy generated by microgeneration) to be fully implemented

• Removes 'red tape' planning barriers and other disincentives to the installation of microgeneration and energy efficiency

Ron Bailey, Parliamentary Adviser to SEP said "We congratulate David Howarth MP for supporting this important Bill and being in the forefront of new steps to combat climate change by supporting local, green energy and look forward to their continuing support for the Bill".

Mr Howarth said: "Because of the twin threats of climate change and fuel poverty I am glad to be able to support this important Bill which will introduce new polices to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. I look forward to this Bill becoming law and will do all I can to assist with that objective. Climate change is with us: we must all do all we can to deal with this problem."