Every click you take - they'll be watching you

April 28, 2009 10:27 AM

David Howarth and bannerHome Secretary Jacqui Smith has passed the buck over the government's plan to snoop on internet sites by asking communication companies to do it instead.

Cambridge MP David Howarth claims the government's new proposals don't make any sense and warned they could turn out to be almost as bad as its original plan.

"I am glad that the government seems to have backed down from some its original Big Brother proposals, which were frightening in their implications," said Mr Howarth, Shadow Secretary of State for Justice.

"But what the government is proposing now doesn't make any sense, and might turn out to be almost as bad. It would be appalling if it turns out that what the government is talking about is any kind of gaining access to people's personal data without sufficient legal safeguards, such as judicial warrants."

Ms Smith ruled out plans for a database but wants the information collected to help the security services.

Andrew Watson from Cambridge's NO2ID campaign, said: "Internet and phone companies already keep enough communication data to allow the police to investigate crime, but the Home Office is trying to create a climate of fear to justify expanding that information even further."

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