Tories taken to book over delayed library project

May 5, 2009 12:08 PM
Sarah Whitebread

Sarah Whitebread calling for an investigation into delays to the library work.

Dithering Tories, who forced a further delay to Cambridge's Central Library by sacking the builder, have been accused of "falling asleep at the wheel".

Furious city Liberal Democrats have questioned whether the faults actually lie with the construction company building the library or run deeper into the Tories' handling of the whole project.

They are worried that, even with a new construction firm, the project could slip further because of underlying problems and they want a full investigation.

Sarah Whitebread, Lib Dem county election candidate for Market Ward, said: "There are so many unanswered questions in this whole affair. It needs to be looked at closely to see where it has gone wrong.

"How can we be sure that, even with a new construction company on board, the library will eventually open? There have been so many delays and so many excuses.

"I am very worried that the Tories have fallen asleep at the wheel and lost all direction on this project. Cambridge is a world-renowned city of learning with no library."

Market ward city councillor, Tim Bick said: "This project keeps slipping and the Tories are passing the buck. The project has been dogged with problems from the start.

"We have been given yet another completion date but there is no guarantee that this deadline will be met. How much are these delays costing the taxpayer?"

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