Tories "stop" the Guided Bus to get their members to meetings

May 13, 2009 2:20 PM
Rupert Moss-Eccardt

Cllr Rupert Moss-Eccardt

County Tories have been accused of "taking care of their own" after spending taxpayers' money on a Guided Bus stop at Cambridge's Shire Hall to make sure their members can get to council meetings.

The new stop will mean councillors living on the Guided Bus route from Huntingdon and St Ives will be able to travel virtually from door to door.

But the move has upset Cambridge Liberal Democrats who were told the "fast commuter service" did not allow for bus stops on Histon Road or Milton Road.

"This is a complete farce," said Arbury county councillor, Rupert Moss-Eccardt. "This is an obvious case of looking after their own.

"This is a highly visible reminder of the disdain the Tories have for local people. They can spend thousands of pounds on this, but can't maintain our roads and pavements properly.

"The Tories have maintained consistently that the Guided Bus is a fast commuter service which can't stop to pick up passengers on Histon Road or Milton Road - yet it can take time out to deliver councillors to committee meetings.

"How can they justify spending taxpayers' money in this way? This is a clear case of one rule for them and one rule for everybody else."

West Chesterton county councillor, Kevin Wilkins added: "The people of Cambridge have put up with all the disruption from the Guided Bus and then been forced to accept that they won't be able to use it to get into the city.

"Yet the Guided Bus can make a stop at Shire Hall if it means councillors can use it to get to their meetings. This is an absolutely appalling waste of taxpayers' money."

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