Schoolboy thinks Italian sports surface is just the job

May 13, 2009 2:24 PM
Alessandro's petition

Signing up in the hope of getting an all-weather play surface are (from left) Harriet Taylor, Dr Belinda Brooks-Gordon, Alessandro Pelligrini, Rufus Stalker, Francesca Pelligrini and Cllr Simon Kightley.

Schoolboy, Alessandro Pellegrini was so impressed with the sporting facilities in his father's home town in Italy, he is campaigning for them to be copied in Cambridge.

Alessandro, 11, a pupil at Chesterton Community College wants an all-weather sports surface with a basket ball hoop at Histon Road Recreation Ground similar to one he saw being used by Italian youngsters.

The surface can be used for rollerskating and rollerblading, skateboarding and even football when the grass pitch makes is too muddy for play.

Alessandro's mother, Ruth said: "Alessandro was very impressed with the play areas in his father's home town in Italy and he wants local youngsters to have the same so that they can play throughout the year.

"The existing football pitch gets muddy in the winter but the all-weather surface would allow them to take part in different sports and activities all the year round rather than being stuck indoors in front of the television or on the computer."

Alessandro got together with his friends and they launched a petition calling for the new sports surface which they have presented to the Friends of Histon Road Recreation Ground.

They also plan to present it to Executive City Councillor for Arts and Recreation, Julie Smith with the backing of Lib Dem Castle ward councillor Simon Kightley and Lib Dem candidate, Belinda Brooks-Gordon.

Cllr Smith said: "'I look forward to receiving the petition from Alessandro. It's fantastic that he has brought his ideas to the Council - we don't often get youngsters contributing proposals for recreation grounds! I'm very happy to discuss his ideas with him and will talk to officers about what me might be able to do for Histon Road Rec."

Cllr Kightley said: "I am delighted to support Alessandro's petition. This all-weather surface would be a great asset."

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