Lib Dems condemn playground vandals

May 15, 2009 11:02 AM
Simon Kightley

Cllr Simon Kightley

Cambridge Liberal Democrats have condemned mindless vandals who struck at Cambridge's Histon Road Recreation Ground causing around £6,000 worth of damage.

Play equipment was set on fire and the new Community Notice Board destroyed.

Now councillors have called for frequent police patrols until the vandals have been caught and dealt with.

They fear that the vandalism could lead to calls for the recreation ground to be locked at night.

"This is an absolute outrage" says Cllr Simon Kightley. "Only last week I walked through the Rec and thought how good everything was looking; and now this!"

"There may well be calls for the Rec to be gated and locked during the night, but that would be awful" says Cllr Kightley. "It would be giving into these anti-social elements and with the Rec such an important cut-through for so many people in the area, it would just not be a practical option. This really is a police matter."

"We must frequent police patrols until these people are identified and dealt with" Says Cllr Tania Zmura, whose house backs onto the Rec. "The damage has been estimated to run into thousands of pounds but the loss of the equipment and the impact on those using the recreation ground goes beyond money."

She urged anyone who witnessed the vandalism or who might have any information to come forward.

"We must all keep our eyes and ears open and do whatever we can to help a police crackdown," she added.

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