Pupils walk the walk and talk the talk

May 18, 2009 11:48 AM
Mayfield Primary School pupils

Pupils join MP David Howarth, Councillor Tania Zmura (centre) and Belinda Brooks-Gordon (right) to mark the campaign.

Youngsters from Cambridge's Mayfield Primary School will join around a million youngsters from across the country to mark Walk 'n' Talk to School Week.

The children are being supported in their efforts by Cambridge Liberal Democrats who are backing the annual campaign aimed at keeping youngsters fit.

Between May 18 and 22 pupils are encouraged to walk to their classrooms and talk to each other on the journey to experience the social aspect that walking together brings to individuals and communities.

Lib Dem Belinda Brooks-Gordon, whose children attended Mayfield Primary School, said: "This is an excellent idea to get children out in the fresh air and socialising at the same time.

"Too many children are driven to school by car, which not only means they are not getting regular exercise but also they are missing out on the social part of walking. "

Figures show that 41 per cent of youngsters across the country are driven to school by car. A typical 1.5 mile school trip costs £400 a year and means an extra 1,000 miles a year.

Childhood obesity has doubled in the last 10 years leading to an increase in children's Type 2 Diabetes and putting youngsters at increase risk of heart disease and some cancers.

Cambridge MP David Howarth, whose children also attended Mayfield Primary School, said: "I fully support this campaign and hope it will encourage more parents to leave the car at home and walk the children to school.

"It is vital for children's long-term health that we make sure they are getting regular exercise, and this is an excellent way to start."

Watch the Walk 'n' Talk to School Week video here:


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