MP optimistic as Autism Bill comes back to Commons

June 17, 2009 1:14 PM

David Howarth MPCambridge MP David Howarth is optimistic that a bid to introduce the country's first ever autism law will take an important step forward on Friday (June 19).

The Autism Bill is coming back to the House of Commons after it has been scrutinised clause by clause to determine its financial implications by the Public Bill Committee.

MP Cheryl Gillan, who introduced the Bill, will report back to the Commons on the committee's findings and amendments.

Mr Howarth is hopeful that on Friday the Bill, which has the power to transform the lives of thousands of adults with autism, will be moved on to the House of Lords for examination and debate and eventually become law.

He said: "This Bill places a duty on local authorities and the NHS to recognise and fulfill their responsibilities towards adults with autism. Current policy and guidelines offer very little help and people are struggling.

"Thousands of people suffering from this serious, life-long and disabling condition could be helped by this legislation and I am hopeful that it will continue on its journey through Parliament."

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