Howarth on film to promote the vote

June 29, 2009 10:15 AM
David Howarth filming to promote the vote

Neil Adams interviews David Howarth on film to promote the vote.

Cambridge MP David Howarth has recorded a website video clip to give people with learning difficulties a better understanding of the voting process.

He has been filmed for the Promote the Vote website explaining his job and encouraging viewers to take part in the democratic process in the hope that they will be encouraged to register to vote in elections.

Mr Howarth's contribution will be included along with a video clip from newly elected Cambridgeshire County Councillor, Belinda Brooks-Gordon, who represents Cambridge's Castle Ward, a city councilor and an MEP. Each will explain their roles and responsibilities.

"This is an excellent project," said Mr Howarth. "Everyone has a right to vote and have his or her voice heard; but the electoral system can be confusing and it can be difficult to understand how the various tiers of local and national government fit together.

"I hope that by taking part on this website, I can help people to make more sense of the process and feel more confident to vote in future."

The project is funded by the Electoral Commission and run by Speaking Up, which supports and empowers people with learning difficulties, disabilities and mental health problems to speak up for themselves.

Promote the Vote's team of people with learning difficulties have delivered 46 workshops of fun, interactive activities to organisations such as day centres and care homes across the eastern region and hundreds of people have registered to vote at the workshops.

Mr Howarth met the team at Westminster last year and helped members, including Neil Adams and Andrew Allen, to have the confidence to go-ahead with the project.

Neil said: "Mr Howarth was really encouraging and told us what an important job we are doing encouraging people with learning disabilities to register to vote."

Andrew added: "We are very pleased that David agreed to be interviewed and filmed by us for the website so that people can understand what an MP does."

Councillor Brooks-Gordon said: "I was delighted to be able to support this worthwhile project. Our country runs as a democracy and, as such, everyone should have the information in a form that is straight forward and easy to understand to allow him or her to play a vital part. This website will be a valuable tool in getting out the message."

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