MP congratulates family centre on tackling domestic violence

July 30, 2009 10:34 AM
Howarth visits Meadows Children and Family Centre

David Howarth with families and support workers during a recent visit to the Meadows Children and Family Wing.

Family support workers at a leading Cambridge charity have been congratulated by the city's MP David Howarth for throwing the spotlight on domestic violence.

The Meadows Children and Family Wing at St Catharine's Road is holding a special course for women in September to investigate the reality of domestic violence and abuse and the effects on children.

Women will learn how to recognise potential future abusers and to gain in-community services and support for building their self-esteem and confidence to improve the quality of their lives.

Mr Howarth, who attended a rally against domestic violence in the city centre several months ago, said: "This is a vitally important subject and the more information and support available to victims, the more chances they have of escaping from their abusers.

"Domestic violence not only harms the victim, it can do terrible, long-lasting damage to the children. The support workers should be congratulated in tackling this topic head-on."

The 12-week Freedom Programme course is being held at Buchan Street and will be run by Meadows Children and Family Wing manager, Lynn Tumber and mental health worker, Steve Rudkin from Romsey Mill. Entry is free and there will be a free creche. To book a place please telephone Lynn 01223 508144

The Meadows Children and Family Wing runs family support drop-in sessions twice a week which include activities for pre-school children and advice and support on a range of issues for parents. Each term a six week Children and Relationship Everyday course is held to teach parenting skills. The centre also runs two after school clubs.

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