Tories broken promise as Guided Bus ticketing is a "shambles"

September 4, 2009 12:54 PM
Kevin Wilkins

Kevin Wilkins

Tories, preparing to launch the long-awaited £116 million Guided Bus, have broken a promise they made to passengers.

Travellers were told that they would be able to climb aboard any Guided Bus using a multi-operator ticket.

But now, as the project is about to kick off, the Tories have said passengers must decide whether they want to travel with Stagecoach or Whippet as tickets are not transferable.

The Guided Bus website promises multi-operator tickets, which can be used with either company. The county council website however, says that, when buying tickets passengers must decide with which operator they are travelling as tickets "cannot be transferred".

"The whole ticketing system is a complete shambles," said Cambridge transport committee chair, Kevin Wilkins.

"Passengers want to get on the first bus that comes along, not wait until the bus that matches their ticket arrives. This is clearly a project that benefits the major bus operators rather than the traveller."

Lib Dem county councillor, Kilian Bourke said: "How can people have faith in this system, which has cost vast amounts of taxpayers' money, if the Tories are not even sure how the ticketing will work?

"They have had months to sort out the Guided Bus project and they can't even get the ticketing right. What hope is there for the project as a whole?

"We have pushed for multi-operator tickets to make the whole system simple and straightforward and at the 11th hour we are facing this fiasco."

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