Lib Dem councillor welcomes new cycle lanes trial

September 18, 2009 12:26 PM
Amanda Taylor

Amanda Taylor

Cambridge Liberal Democrat Councillor Amanda Taylor has welcomed the controversial four-month trial of new cycle lanes on the city's Hills Road bridge.

Councillor Taylor, who sits on the city council's Cycling Working Party, claims the move recognises the 4,000 cyclists who use the bridge everyday and whose safety should be paramount.

She said: "For years, the safety of cyclists on this bridge has been compromised by having to cycle in heavy traffic. Now, if this trial proves successful, they will have their own designated lanes giving them much more protection.

"It is good to see the county council taking the initiative to promote cycling in the city in this way and I hope it will encourage many more people to adopt it as a viable means of transport."

As part of the trial the county council is carrying out a consultation exercise and Cllr Taylor would also welcome feedback. She is running her own poll on her website at

"The cycle lanes have been in place for a week and the reaction generally is very positive," added Cllr Taylor. "Some cyclists, however, feel at risk once they are over the crown of the bridge. Having enjoyed the relative security of a cycle lane, they find they are mingling, once again, with impatient motorists."

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