Residents get more say on open spaces under new policy

September 28, 2009 9:53 AM
Julie Smith

Julie Smith

Cambridge residents would be given more say on decisions about the city's open spaces under a national policy adopted by the Liberal Democrats.

The move was welcomed by Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Arts and Recreation, Julie Smith who believes it is crucial for a city that will see considerable expansion in the next few years.

She said during the debate in Bournemouth: "This policy seeks to ensure that all areas of the UK, urban and rural, have high quality green spaces, which promote biodiversity and a high quality of life. This is especially important in areas such as Cambridge which are expanding fast."

The far-reaching policy, Our Natural Heritage, was adopted by Liberal Democrats at their autumn conference in Bournemouth.

It includes calls for:

provision of a range of open spaces from small, local areas to large sub-regional sites:

• increased right of access across the countryside;

• a well-managed and accessible cycling and riding network;

• powers for local authorities to protect open spaces;

• enabling local authorities to take legal action on litter and releasing money raised by fines to be spent on improving the local environment.

Cllr Smith added: "This policy supports the high standards of green space outlined by Natural England and gives local people the chance to have a greater say on decision about green spaces. This is a move that I know will be especially welcome by residents in Cambridge."

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