Graduate students reassured by council tax position on council tax eligibility

October 26, 2009 2:44 PM
Cllr Rod Cantrill

Rod Cantrill

• Cambridge City Council has reassured 4th year Ph.D. students in the city that they will continue to be treated as full-time students for the purposes of Council Tax. This means that they will continue to receive either a discount or exemption from the Council Tax

• In addition, the council has emphasised that it will continue to look at students whose period of study exceeds the four years due to exceptional circumstances (such as illness)

• The council's initial position arose as a result of some uncertainties, which had recently arisen, regarding the eligibility of 4th year graduate students.

• Council officers entered into discussions with the University of Cambridge and the Colleges earlier in the year to try to agree a common understanding of the criteria in relation to these students, which were initially unsuccessful. Agreement has now been reached with the University on the eligibility of such students.

• The council now intends to contact students explaining the position

Coun Rod Cantrill, Executive City Councillor for Customer Services and Resources, commented:

"The City Council has a legal obligation and a duty to the tax paying residents of Cambridge to ensure that only people who are eligible are exempted from council tax.

"The council also recognises that Cambridge is a leading centre of learning and the importance of this to the local economy

"I know that the issue has caused undue concern and stress for students. I welcome the council's prompt action to clarify the position. I hope that this step will have the support of the universities and colleges in the city"

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