Councillors fight to protect city from urban sprawl

November 19, 2009 9:27 AM
Councillor Sian Reid

Sian Reid

Cambridge City Councillors are fighting to protect the city from urban sprawl and fear that absurd growth targets from regional officials could threaten its future.

They are resisting proposals by the East of England Regional Assembly which would allow more development than is already in the pipeline.

Sian Reid, Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Change and Growth, said: "Since we passed our 2006 Local Plan, allowing development in the Southern Fringe, North West and Cambridge East, we have consistently maintained that the city should resist any further growth.

"But EERA is advocating absurd growth targets yet again for the city and this must not be allowed to happen."

Cambridgeshire County Council has agreed that there should be a ceiling on growth in the city.

It claims that no more than 14,000 homes should be built by 2031.

"We are delighted that the county council has agreed a lid on growth," added Cllr Reid. "Most of the new homes can be achieved with the 11,000 already envisaged in the fringes and the 2,000 homes for which we have given planning permission but which haven't yet been built.

"Cambridge needs to grow, up to a point, to meet its housing need and support the development of the University, but only up to a point. We hope EERA agrees this lid on growth."

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