Talks go ahead on future of Trinity Street Post Office

December 9, 2009 9:51 AM
Tim Bick

Tim Bick

Talks have taken place between Cambridge City Councillors and representatives of Trinity College and the Post Office in a bid to secure the long term future of the Trinity Street Post Office.

Market ward councillors, Colin Rosenstiel, Mike Dixon and Tim Bick held the roundtable discussion to discuss the future of the branch at 23-24 Trinity Street following the news that the franchisee will quit on December 27.

Cllr Bick said: "We were keen to impress on both the Post Office and Trinity College the importance of retaining the Trinity Street branch. The main office in St Andrew's Street is already stretched to meet the extra demand that arose following the closures of the branches in Trumpington Street and Regent Street. We are pleased to say we got a clear statement from the Post Office that they are not looking for a backdoor means of closing another branch and that they are actively trying to identify a new party who can take on the franchise.

"We had a very constructive discussion with both the Post Office and Trinity College and we welcome their combined attempts to secure continuity of service in Trinity Street in the short while longer term arrangements are made. Christmas is a key time for post offices and people will appreciate keeping the facility. We understand that the process for finding new franchisees can often take some time because of their need to draw up a business plan for whatever complementary business they intend to run alongside, and so interim arrangements are not uncommon.

"For the longer term future, we learned that alternative premises within the immediate vicinity will be considered as part of an effort to keep costs sustainable to a future Post Office franchisee. Though that would be a break with tradition, we would certainly rather that, than lose a Post Office altogether to that part of the city centre We will be watching that with care to be sure it remains close by in a convenient spot".

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