Spend cash on services not nuclear missiles - Huppert

September 22, 2010 10:22 AM

Julian HuppertCambridge MP Julian Huppert told party supporters today that the government should not be spending billions of pounds renewing nuclear missiles when services are facing cutbacks.

He spoke out about the Trident warhead programme after the controversial issue was put into the Lib Dem Autumn Conference agenda at the 11th hour.

Julian proposed the debate at the Liverpool conference after an emergency motion was raised to make the case for a full review of the alternatives to a replacement for Trident.

He said: "Replacing Trident will cost this country £20 billion at a time when we are facing major cuts to our police force, public sector jobs and welfare benefits. At the same time our front line troops are complaining they do not have some of the equipment they need.

"We have to get our priorities right and spending money replacing an outdated nuclear defence system designed to protect us against an almost obsolete threat makes no sense.

"We should be looking at how that money can be better spent on securing services and jobs which will have an impact on every family in this country."

Trident is currently the subject of a value-for-money review but Lib Dems want it to be considered as part of the wider defence review.

The motion was carried.

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