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Howarth's New Year message

January 4, 2010 9:45 AM

Howarth2009 was a very tough year, one of the worst years in economic history.

Businesses have closed and others are in trouble. Many people have lost their jobs. Self-employed people have suffered big drops in income. Vast numbers of young people cannot find work at all, despite running up large debts for their education.

It was also the year in which the world failed to overcome shortsighted self-interest about climate change, and in which trust in the British political system suffered blows from which it may never recover.

All I can say about 2009 is good riddance. Let us all hope for a better year next year: calmer economic waters, a successful climate change negotiation at the Mexico conference, and not just a change of government but wholesale reform of our rotten political system.

Here's to happier New Year!