Shops and cafes scaled back at key site after public feedback

January 11, 2010 1:31 PM
Cllr Sian Reid

Sian Reid

Cambridge City Councillors have made changes to a multi-million pound scheme for a key city centre site after listening to the public and a specially set up Design Panel.

They have scaled back the number of shops and cafes on the Mill Lane site after the public said they did not want the development to feel "over-commercial".

Plans for the Cambridge University site include shops, flats, cafes and a hotel. But there will be no expansion of shops unless a special case can be made.

Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Change and Growth, Sian Reid said: "This site is in a very special location by the river and incorporates some of the city's most important green space; it is vital we get it right.

"The plans ensure the historic fabric of the area is preserved and access through the site enhanced for pedestrians and cyclists.

"We have listed to what the public want to see on this site and changed the plans. Now a masterplan will be created by the developer to give a real vision of what will be achieved to define its atmosphere and character."

The Mill Lane Supplementary Planning Document will be adopted by Cambridge City Council's Environment Scrutiny Committee when it meets tomorrow (Tuesday).

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