Ambitious scheme brings art to the people

January 11, 2010 1:33 PM

An ambitious scheme to bring art to the people will be backed by city councillors tomorrow (Tuesday).

Members of the council's Environment Scrutiny Committee are supporting a new public art policy which aims to get people involved across the city.

Developers will be encouraged to think about incorporating public art when designing a new scheme rather than considering it as an afterthought.

Schools will also be involved, producing art work which can be put on show to pupils, staff parents and visitors so that it can become a part of daily life.

Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Change and Growth, Sian Reid said: "We are widening the definition of public art to include permanent and temporary works and unusual forms such as sonic art, art used in interiors, such as floor treatments and embedded art, such as skyline features.

"We want to see artists in residence and believe art has a role to play in delivering outstanding public spaces."

Recent popular and successful schemes include the John Taylor clock at Corpus Christi College and the sculpture by Peter Randall-Page outside the Grand Arcade in Fisher Square.

Schemes in hand include the Snowy Farr memorial funded by developer contributions and the Mill Road cemetery scheme.

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