City pensioners miss out on cold weather cash - Huppert

January 26, 2010 11:52 AM
Julian Huppert

Julian Huppert

Over 1,500 Cambridge pensioners are missing out on Cold Weather Payments triggered by the recent freezing weather.

The figures have alarmed Julian Huppert, the city's prospective Lib Dem general election candidate who fears that the government's complicated system of payment makes it difficult for pensioners to claim.

"It is a scandal that pensioners who are struggling to make ends meet, are missing out on these payments worth thousands of pounds," he said.

"Fuel prices are at an all time high, making it even more important to people already struggling on a pension.

"Labour has failed these pensioners by expecting them to follow a complicated system to claim their money and they are missing out on the help they desperately need."

Figures show that in Cambridge 3,010 pensioners are benefiting from Cold Weather Payments; around a further 1,505 are eligible but not receiving pension credit.

"Every effort must be made to identify pensioners who are missing out and get them this extra cash," added Julian.

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