Student campaign to clean-up Niger Delta wins support

February 2, 2010 11:33 AM
Student protest against Shell

Julian Huppert joins students in white jumpsuits to call on Shell to clean-up its act.

Cambridge MP David Howarth and Lib Dem parliamentary candidate, Julian Huppert are backing a student campaign in the city on Thursday (February 4) demanding international oil giant, Shell, clean up its act in the Niger Delta.

They are calling for a halt to illegal gas flaring in the region which has poisoned the land, water and air for the 31 million people who live there, driving them into poverty.

Julian and the students, members of Cambridge University Amnesty International, will wear white clean-up jumpsuits to drive home their message during Shell Hell Day. Also, they will collect signatures to a petition to put pressure on Shell to clean up its act.

Julian said: "I have been to the Niger Delta and seen the gas flares for myself - the constant glow at night is not something one can forget! The oil spills, gas flaring and pollution are having a devastating impact.

"The people depend on the rivers and the land for food but the plants, animals and fish are dying. These people are being stripped of their human rights and driven into poverty. They need our help if they are to have any hope of a normal life."

Mr Howarth, who has signed the petition, said: "Action must be taken now by the Nigerian Government to regulate this industry. The oil pollution must be cleaned up and remedial action taken. These people are at the mercy of the giant oil producers.

"I applaud the students for their campaign and urge residents to get behind them so that these practices can be wiped out once and for all."

Catherine Lough, of Cambridge University Amnesty International said: "The Delta is one of the most important wetland and marine eco-systems in the world.

"Gas flaring has been illegal in the Delta since 1984 and is potentially harmful to human health."

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