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Huppert switches off the lights to mark global Earth Hour

February 16, 2010 12:04 PM
Julian Huppert

Julian Huppert

The lights will go off for an hour at Julian Huppert's home on Saturday, March 27 as he supports Earth Hour, the largest global climate change initiative.

Julian, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge will join millions of supporters from around the world to support the event organised by the WWF charity.

Last year the great switch off was backed by people in 4,000 cities in 88 countries to focus world attention on climate change.

Julian was a member of the Lib Dem working party that produced its policies on climate change and the environment. The policies aim to move the country to a zero carbon economy by 2050.

He said: ""This is an excellent initiative to get across the message that we need to take action globally to save energy.

"We have taken the lead in Cambridge by laying down our commitment to cutting the city's carbon footprint through our Climate Change Strategy which sets out a framework for tackling the risks associated with climate change.

"But we also need decisive action on the part of our government and governments across the world if we are to effectively tackle climate change.

"Despite making a commitment to tackle climate change through the climate change law, the Labour government has failed to deliver the investment needed to cut carbon emissions. Only now with an election looming, is it talking about taking this issue seriously.

"I hope you will join me in taking this step, to show how seriously we all take this issue"

The Earth Hour switch off takes place at 8.30pm and is being supported by Cambridge City Council, The Leys school and Meridian Primary School, Comberton among others.

Sian Reid, Cambridge City Executive Councillor for Climate Change is supporting Earth Hour and leading the Close the Door campaign to encourage shopkeepers to keep doors closed when using energy to heat or cool their shops.

She said: "Climate change is the most dangerous challenge facing the world today. We must show strong leadership to give the people of Cambridge and the rest of the world a sustainable future."