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Shadow Defence Secretary discusses Afghanistan conflict

February 23, 2010 11:03 AM
Nick Harvey

Nick Harvey

Liberal Democrat Shadow Defence Secretary, Nick Harvey will examine the lessons learnt from the war in Afghanistan when he comes to Cambridge tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 24).

The North Devon MP will address the Peterhouse Politics Society, putting forward ideas on how to move forward with the conflict.

Nick visited the forces in Afghanistan in May 2008 and claims that whichever party wins the general election it must lay out a clear strategy for peace and the eventual withdrawal of troops.

In a recent speech on the subject, he said: "The Liberal Democrats and I support the mission in Afghanistan; we believe that the terrorist training camps in the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan have a direct impact on our security on the streets of Britain.

"But there are massive problems with the current strategy - and failure in Afghanistan could have huge political and security ramifications for Britain."

Cambridge Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate, Julian Huppert said: "I am delighted that Nick is coming to Cambridge. He has vast knowledge of the situation in Afghanistan and clear ideas of the way forward.

"Nick has been instrumental in pushing the government to undertake a Strategic Defence Review to make sure that our armed forces have the equipment on the ground and the support that they need. He continues to work to make sure that when this review is carried out it will be comprehensive."

Nick's talk "Afghanistan: Lessons Learnt and Moving Forward", will take place in the Parlour, Peterhouse at 8.45pm. Tickets are free and wine and snacks will be provided.