Huppert urges smokers to quit to mark No Smoking Day

March 9, 2010 10:32 AM

No Smoking Day logoNational No Smoking Day which aims to encourage thousands of smokers to quit the habit, is being supported by Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge.

Julian is urging Cambridge's 25,000 smokers to give up for good and each save up to £180 a month while improving their overall health at the same time.

"No Smoking Day is a fantastic campaign to help and support smokers who want to stop smoking," said Julian "I'm encouraging smokers in Cambridge to break free on No Smoking Day and give up cigarettes for good.

"In this current economic climate, hardworking families are finding it particularly difficult and this is one way of making considerable savings and improving their health at the same time. By supporting the campaign, smokers can make that vital first move towards giving up."

No Smoking Day takes place on Wednesday (March 10) and the campaign is in its 27th year.

Smokers who want help to quit are encouraged to go along to the Leisure Centre at Cambridge's Fulbourn Hospital between 9am and 12noon and 1pm and 4pm where there will be support and advice.

Smoking Cessation Advisors will be on hand and there will be a representative from CAMQUIT - the countywide smoking cessation service.

Duncan Bannatyne, No Smoking Day President, entrepreneur and Dragons' Den star said:"Quitting smoking isn't always easy. Most of the nine million UK smokers say they'd like to quit, and many have tried to stop several times over the last year.

"If you've tried and failed a few times, it's easy to give up hope. But you'll find few ex-smokers that quit the habit on their first attempt."

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