Student loans fiasco a "total disgrace" - Huppert

March 19, 2010 2:26 PM

Julian HuppertJulian Huppert, Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge has reacted with fury over news that delays in paying student loans are likely to repeated this year.

"This is a total disgrace," he said after a report from the National Audit Office revealed that the problems could reoccur. "This was a complete fiasco last year with hundreds of thousands of students failing to get their loans.

"Now despite the aggravation suffered by students at the hands of the Student Loans Company, we are told that the management will still receive bonuses. This just beggars belief when students were struggling just to pay their daily bills.

"There needs to be a radical shake-up as a matter of urgency. Confidence in this company must be restored if students are to have any faith in the student loans' system this year."

Dom Weldon, Chair of Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats said: "This made life incredibly hard for students at a time when they needed all the support they could get. They found the lack of communication very difficult and it is soul destroying to think that the whole situation could be repeated again this year.

"This company must act quickly to avoid problems this year. Students shouldn't have to keep chasing to get money they need to meet their bills."

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