Sarah tackles rail operator over lack of station cycle parking

March 22, 2010 9:43 AM
Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown on a disused piece of land under the cycle bridge which could be used for cycle parking.

Cambridge resident, Sarah Brown, has taken matters into her own hands over the lack of cycle parking at the city station and identified disused areas of land which could house cycle racks.

Sarah, of Ravensworth Gardens is fed up trying to find a place to safely leave her bike at the station and has called on rail operator, National Express East Anglia, to take action to ease the problem.

Her move came after news that there would be no extra provision for cyclists before the construction of the new station car park. Bikes were also recently removed from an area under the cycle bridge for fear of putting pedestrians at risk using a nearby footpath.

"There are areas of the station car park which are not being used by pedestrians or drivers and I cannot see why these could not be used by cyclists," said Sarah.

"If National Express really wants to help cyclists find somewhere safe to leave their bikes it could provide extra racks in these areas. I use the station regularly and it is clear to me how this problem could be tackled."

Sarah has written to Cambridge railway station manager, Keely Pagdin and enclosed photos of areas near Devonshire Road, underneath the cycle bridge and around the car park which could be used by cyclists.

Earlier this year Cambridgeshire County Council offered to pay for cycle racks if National Express East Anglia supplied the land; but the company failed to act.

Sarah's campaign is backed by Cambridgeshire County Councillor, Nichola Harrison who is frustrated by the lack of action by the rail operator.

She said: "This is a situation which could be eased if National Express East Anglia were to work with us.

"There is a serious shortage of cycle parking at the station and this is made worse by the poor management of the parking that is there. By offering a small area of land, NEEA could help."

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