Tories to be asked to come clean on the guided bus

March 30, 2010 1:34 PM

Julian HuppertCambridgeshire Tories are being asked to come clean over the future of the guided bus and the cost to taxpayers.

Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge will quiz them on when the busway will open and how much it will cost at the full Cambridgeshire County Council meeting today (Tuesday)

He said: "This whole project has become a complete farce and it is time that we got some straight answers to some straight questions.

"The residents of Cambridge have put up with major disruption from this project which brings few benefits for them; now they face having to pick up the bill for it as well."

Julian will ask for a run-down of the current position of the guided bus, when it will be officially opened and when the southern section and cycle track are expected to be completed.

He also wants to know how much it has cost and how the expense will be covered.

"In 2003 the then leader of the county council assured us there would be no taxpayers' money used to fund this project as, unlike rail options, it would not require any ongoing subsidy," he said.

"But the project is hugely over budget and the money has to be found from somewhere; whether that comes from government or local funds it is taxpayers' money. I want assurances that the residents of Cambridge will not be picking up the bill for this white elephant."

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