City councillor fights to save Green Belt

March 30, 2010 1:40 PM
Sheila Stuart

Sheila Stuart

Cambridge City Councillor, Sheila Stuart has backed Trumpington Residents Association in its fight to stop a new recycling centre being built in the city's Green Belt.

Cllr Stuart claims the move, to put the new centre opposite Glebe Farm and to the south of the Addenbrooke's access road, could encourage extra development to take place in the area.

She lodged her objections with Cambridge City Council's Development Plan Steering Group when it met today (Tuesday) to discuss the project.

"There can be no acceptable case for taking this site out of the Green Belt," she said. "It is of the utmost importance that this area, which is a prominent gateway to the city, should not be damaged in any way. I am worried that if the project goes ahead there will be a temptation to allow more development in this area."

Cambridgeshire County Council owns the site and wants to build the household waste recycling centre there.

But Trumpington Residents Association believes that the move would destroy high grade agricultural land and position the centre too close to residential properties.

Cllr Stuart has urged the city council to continue its objection to the site being used for the centre and press the county council to prepare full evidence in support of its case.

She wants the recycling centre built on the west site of Bayer Crop Science in Hauxton instead.

"This is inappropriate use of the Green Belt," she added. "This must not be allowed to go- ahead."

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