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Julian Huppert MP

"Cut fares to make train travel affordable" - Huppert

March 31, 2010 11:07 AM

Julian HuppertJulian Huppert, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge is standing up for the city's train passengers by recognising their number one concern - high fares.

He has joined the campaign for a review of rail fares regulation which will look at bringing down the cost to make it easier for people to take the train instead of driving or flying.

And the Liberal Democrats have gone further by promising if elected, they would cut train fares by regulating them so that they fall below inflation. The cuts would be paid for by a fuel tax on domestic flights.

Julian said "Since 1997 train fares have gone up by 13 per cent in real terms. I want to see a review of how fares are regulated. I'm proud to say my party has pledged to cut fares in real terms to make sure that train travel is affordable."

Cat Hobbs, public transport campaigner at Campaign for Better Transport

said: "We're glad that Julian is standing up for train passengers and saying that fares cannot keep rising above inflation. A review is needed to make the green option the easy option."

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