County council chief paid more than Prime Minister

April 7, 2010 10:32 AM

Julian HuppertTories on Cambridgeshire County Council have been attacked for paying its chief executive more money than the Prime Minister.

Mark Lloyd received just under £201,000 last year - almost £4,000 more than Gordon Brown - giving him 23rd place on the nation's Town Hall Rich List and putting him among the 31 highest paid council staff in the country.

The news has angered Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge who claims the salary is outrageous at a time when lower paid workers are losing their jobs and front line services are being cut.

"County council staff are being handed redundancy notices to save money at a time when the chief executive is paid this exorbitant salary," said Julian. "This is completely wrong.

"Year on year, the Tories are cutting social care packages leaving our elderly people struggling to stay in their own homes and maintain their independence. Our roads, pavements and cycleways are crumbling because no money has been spent on them.

"The Tories have their priorities all wrong. There needs to be a serious review of senior level salaries."

The Town Hall Rich List was compiled by the Taxpayers' Alliance which discovered that 31 council staff earned more than the Prime Minister - a 63 per cent increase on last year. More than 200 staff earned more than Cabinet Ministers.

Its report said: "Many workers in the public and private sectors expect pay freezes or cuts with resources scarce following the recession. Despite this, executive pay in town halls across the UK has continued to be insulated from economic reality. As councils look for savings, salaries have continued to rise for senior staff."

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